International Certificate of Competance (ICC)

Where to obtain an ICC license in Spain and Catalonia
Spanish Sailing is able to come to you in Catalonia and to the surrounding areas of Spain to undertake the International Yacht Training (IYT) courses and assessment.

Why do you need an ICC. Any British or Irish Citizen/Resident sailing outside of the UK should carry an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). It is the most recognised international qualification overriding most national equivalents. It is something Port Police are likely to inspect and carrying it avoids complicated discussions in a foreign language to ascertain your rights to be in charge of your vessel.

About ICC  The ICC accreditation issued by Spanish Sailing is done in conjunction with International Yacht Training (IYT). A certificate is issued following a practical and oral examination covering basic navigation, seamanship, and handling.  

Obtaining your ICC  If you have existing experience then we can offer 2 options. You can either undertake a 2 day refresher course which includes the test or if you prefer you can put yourself forward for the test only  which takes half a day.

The Cost    

Refresher Course with Examination (2 day)       295 euros

Examination only (half day)                            195 euros

For Complete Beginners We have programs  to to take you to ICC level from any level of experience. These are modular and a program can be constructed around any experience you might have. To give you an idea of what this could be, complete beginners would need to allow for a 2 week course. For more information on this go to IYT Program

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